Liz Jasper’s Top Five Work Avoiders

5. Clean the bathroom with a toothbrush and half a Q-tip
4. Stress bake five pans of brownies at once
3. Netflix marathon of a series with at least three seasons under its belt
2. Try to train the cat to fold laundry
1. Other work

Hold on.

What happened to my wonderful procrastination list? There is something very wrong with this list. #1 should definitely NOT be on there. But it has been.

In addition to writing books, over the last couple of years I’ve gone back to grad school–again–and studied for and passed The Big A** Ten Hour Test (over a 24 hr period but still!), and then I took another test and…. I want you all to know the dedication I have to my writing that I went back to school again just to get fodder for writing classroom scenes. (Ok, I had other reasons. And I do like learning.)

But the good new is that I’m done with school and tests (YAY!) andI have finished Underdead With A Vengeance.


Kim Van Meter is messing around with the cover. My final readers are reading away. My editor is sharpening her red pen. And I’m napping. I hear other writers cackling knowingly. Ok, I’m not napping. I just really want to nap, so I’m trying that “putting it out to the Universe” bit. (If someone knows a way I can promote my next book by napping, please, I beg of you, let me know immediately.)

I took last weekend off and it was bliss. No work. Quiet. I listened to bees buzz and wind rustle through the trees.

And then I came back home and boom! all the todo lists collided in my head and I think something shorted out.

So. Help an author out. What do you have on your procrastination list? So that I can steal it?

6 responses to “Liz Jasper’s Top Five Work Avoiders

  1. I actually don’t have a procrastination list. I’ve been meaning to do one, but I keep putting it off 😉

    Congrats on being done with school and tests! I’ve a ways to go before I’ll be done, but being back in school has been pretty fun so far–even if Physics is the academic equivalent of tying my own brain into impossible balloon animal shapes…

    • Oh, you ARE taking physics. That is the perfect description. When I took it the balloons squeaked during the tying and popped a lot. And my cheeks hurt from blowing new ones up. And yet I’m oddly jealous. Deep down I want to take physics again with a great teacher and nail it.

      Get cracking on the procrastination list. I mean what else are you spending valuable time on?

  2. While I don’t mean to boast at all, I am very, very good at procrastination. Something of an expert, even. There’s Songpop & Pinterest & Tetris & Facebook & Twitter &….

  3. First and foremost … Hoorraaayyyyyy!!! Thrilled you finished book 3. Super awesome. I believe I am the grand Poobah of procrastination. So ,uh so that when I post this comment, I’m going to Google grand Poobah to see how it’s really spelled. Then something shiny and fun will distract me on the internet, likely Facebook, or Instagram, or an email from Zulily, and I’ll put off my shower and we will be late for the event we are due to attend later this morning.

    Would you look at the length of these toe nails, better go cut those … Maybe polish too?

    Oh bother ….

    Love and hugs.

    • Ginger, this is terrible. Your list summoned my inner procrastinator out of hibernation and I’m painting my toenails instead of writing. Well, I WILL get to the toenails after I pat the cat and rummage through the cabinets for a snack and….
      This is your fault. You need to redeem yourself by getting that damned winery in Napa so we can sit out on the porch and have cocktail hour. Get cracking!

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