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  1. I’m about 21% through Underdead and I *LOVE* it! You’ve managed to combine my two favorite genres, mystery & urban fantasy, and so far have made it work! I’m grouping your Kindle books with 3 of my favorite authors ; Rose Pressey, H.P. Mallory and Jess Haines.
    I’ve been tweeting about how much I’m enjoying the ebooks. Hopefully it will bring you some new readers!

    • Hi Stephen,

      Thank you so much! I wish I wrote as fast as you read. I expect to have Crimson in the VERY Wrong Fairy Tale out soon–I’m working on final edits and back cover copy these days. Oh. The. Joy. πŸ˜‰ Actually, I really like being at this stage in a book. And while Crimson is ostensibly a YA book, I think you might like it, too.

      And to actually answer the question you asked, the third book in the Underdead series will probably be out at the end of the year. I’m back in school right now–as, ahem, SOME people can’t seem to get enough school and it turns out I’m one of them. Sigh. And there will be a fourth book in the series after that, which I’ve already plotted out. (Evil grin.)

      Have a groovy rest of the weekend!


    • Hi James,

      I’m writing the third book now and expect a Fall release. Ish. I’ll update as I go. Thanks for asking. πŸ™‚ Liz, who is traveling and possibly posting this eight times due to dodgy Internet.

  2. I have to say, your books have been my favorite for some time now, but the last underdead book… Yeah, you dropped a big huge bomb on our doorsteps and ran off… Please, you can’t make us wait a whole other year to find out what happens!

    • Thanks, Faith! πŸ™‚ About the timing of the fourth book, in this day of instant gratification, I’m doing the world a service by writing achingly slowly, so that my fans learn to savor and (are you buying this yet?)…

  3. Hi Liz! I’m a big fan of your works, read the three underdead books in 2 days! I came on to your site to see if the fourth was currently in the works. However I noticed you haven’t posted anything on here or fb in over a year. Any news on a new release?


    • Hi Cori, binge reading is awesome. I’ve been doing it myself lately and it’s been great. Will be back to writing #4 soon. Sorry to not be responding with a release date for you!

  4. Hi, following up on my email from last year. I think about book 4 all the time. Are we any where near final copy and distribution stage?

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