Crimson in the VERY Wrong Fairy Tale

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Crimson has a strategy for surviving high school. Blend in. Don’t cause trouble.  It works pretty well–until her sixteenth birthday when her long-lost father shows up and all hell breaks loose.


It turns out that he is a demon king, which makes Crimson…a princess. Of Darkness.

 Her castle is a sulfur-reeking cavern underground. Her Princess Training has nothing to do with tea and crumpets. Prince Charming isn’t rushing in to save her. And, to top it off, she still has to go to high school.

 She can’t tell anyone the truth, not even her best friends. To survive, she will have to risk everything and use a cunning she didn’t know she possessed. And even then there’s no guarantee she or anyone she cares about will be alive tomorrow–for neither Hell nor high school comes with a manual.

4 responses to “Crimson

  1. Wonderful book! I had just finished reading “Underdead” and was in the process of purchasing the second when I noticed “Crimson in the Very Wrong Fairy Tale,” unable to decide which to purchase I bought both. I am eagerly awaiting more!

    • Hi Robert,

      Thank you! That is particularly great to hear as I’m about to send of Underdead With A Vengeance to my editor. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy both books. : )

      🙂 Liz

    • Hi Misty, me too! (Ok, bad case of Summer flippancy here.) Thanks and woohoo! I’m writing the fourth in the Underdead series now and then I expect I’ll get back to the sequel to Crimson. Sounds like you are on board to join team Nag Liz to Write Faster, headed by non other than my sisty ugler. She welcomes you to the team. (sigh) (haha)

      — Liz

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