Dirt on Liz


Liz Jasper always enjoyed writing, but in college and graduate school dutifully studied things that would make her “marketable.” Fortunately, she loved her five year stint as a middle school science teacher (most of the time), her time working as a business analyst and now happily works as a financial planner. (Liz will always have a day job AND write books, because she loves messing with numbers as much as she loves messing with words. And having a day job allows her to leave her computer and spend time with some really cool people–in person.)

How did she start writing books? At first she didn’t (she wrote some very earnest, very bad poetry in college but as service to mankind will keep those buried). She was teaching, doing five-page math problems in graduate school, and doing some serious bonding with Excel. All very proper adult stuff.  Except  even while immersed in her second graduate degree (Economics, she got an MBA first), she kept haunting mystery bookstores and compulsively read her way through the library system’s fiction sections in three counties. She took unreasonable joy in fact that, while she very properly interned for a bank during business school, part of what she did for them was write magazine articles–and made banking (banking!) fun for people to read about. The award she’s secretly most proud of? Her high school English department award. (Thank you Mrs. Thayer and Ms. Statham. And thank you ALL of my wonderful teachers over the years. I have learned something valuable from each and every one of you.  And, yes, I have changed from third person to first and I am ok with that. I’m an award-winning published writer now, and can…invent new grammar rules. Like E.E. Cummings.  Yes, I just wanted to reference E.E. Cummings. He’s a fabulous poet.)

Being a clever analyst, she eventually sorted through this inconsistency (loving math and science–and then shoving it aside to read funny mysteries!) and admitted she’d always wanted to write novels. And many batches of cookies later,  she finished one. She shoved that in a drawer, took some (ahem) novel writing classes and started again. And somehow wrote about vampires. It’s a long story. Corner her at a book event and she’ll tell it.

Why does she write paranormals? With the career path she’s had, writing about blood-sucking demons is only natural.

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