Special for those in bad weather or happy it’s Friday for any reason at all

It’s wet and I’m on a train hurtling toward San Francisco with the blistering speed of a snail moving through syrup. (Oh look. The fat snail seems to be taking an impromptu nap somewhere random alongside the freeway. No, no, let’s not strain ourselves and try to get anyone to their jobs before the day ends.) We’ve had rain on and off since Wednesday and it has stressed out the system like a bad 80’s perm. It is that bad.

If your day is anything like this, you need to escape with a good book and I here for you! Mystery, vampires, suspense, humor. Underdead is on special for $0.99. Grab your junk food of choice (my current is chocolate chips out of the bag) and read! And if you already know and love the Underdead books, tell a friend now while the first one in the series is sale. (And write a review. Thanks to those who have taken the time to share their reviews.)

(I’m stuck in a tunnel now. A solid 500 feet ahead of where I was when I started this. Mad progress.)


(A hero is a man who eschews his seat on a crowded slow train! Thank you hero with the wet bike and the yellow slicker!)

Wanna see the ad? Oooooooh!

Direct link to Amazon. http://smarturl.it/cnvla2

May your day be full of Heros, good books, scrumptious snacks, and warm and dry!

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