Underdead book update: I stole this photo from Ginger Calem’s FB  

 page as it explains what I have been dong the past year. (And it cracks me up.) Writing? No. Total self-indulgent reading. It’s been awesome. It has fed the writing muse (who grabbed a bag of chips and took off on sabbatical). I plan to get back to writing soon. Another Underdead book will get written. No ETA on the final product at this time. Sorry for the delay but I promise it will be better for the self-indulgent reading break.

4 responses to “AWOL!

  1. (May or may not be late, but…) I’m glad you’re getting rest, we wouldn’t want you to get burnt out on writing! How are the kitties? Read all the books you want, I just finished a new, really good book, if in need of some grammatical editing, while avoiding schoolwork. No, I definitely do not have a huge science fair coming up that I’ve been working on for like a year and a half >.> I also just now figured out that the little icon thingy that goes beside my post is some kind of cool compsci created thing that changes based on what I type in as my email.

    • Hi Chelsey,
      Avoidance of a big science fair project? I have no idea what you are talking about. Nope, can’t relate at all. 😉

      Am still on the reading kick, but bits of book 4 do keep getting plotted (deep in the part of the brain that has a Bwa ha ha laugh.) (The regular me can’t do a good Bwa ha ha. Needs the sort of environment where spiders and mushrooms grow large and loom.)

      Get back to work! Go kick some
      Science fair butt!

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