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Secret Holiday Relaxation Tips for the Shameless

Right now the idea of shopping or making anything–doing anything more–is so horrifying that I have been responding positively to a facebook posting about bacon and Twinkie sandwiches.

In fact, I can’t even remember what I was slated to write about. I think it was something sweet and special about the holidays (if anything about vampires can be sweet and special over the holidays) but already I’ve deep-sixed it.

All I can think about it how I’m going to relax. I need some down time in the worst way. I’ve started scheming of how to get and spend an hour or two all by myself so I can sink down on the couch with some snacks that are bad for my waistline but excellent for the inner woman…and then sink down for a nice long nap.

Some of you may be thinking, “Well that’s nice, but how do I relax when I’ve got people staying with me? Weird Uncle Fred is camping on my nap couch in the den.” I hear your pain (and your incipient hysteria–go have a chocolate break. It’s okay. We’ll wait. Back now? Better? Okay then…) So I’m going to share a really special holiday tradition with you that I guarantee will make you relaxed and happy. You do this after Christmas dinner. It’s particularly good after Thanksgiving dinner, but Christmas is good too. I can’t recommend it enough.


Timing is important. You do this right after you’ve finished your meal when everyone’s a bit glassy eyed with food. You know the time–when they’re pondering whether they should roll themselves to the living room now or wait another half hour until they’ll actually fit through the door. That’s when you strike. You volunteer to clear the table. Stay with me now.

You grab a few of your favorite dishes off the table, sling a finger through the gravy boat handle and tear off into the kitchen before anyone can follow you. Then you eat off the serving spoons. Yes, you heard me. Spoon up a fat wad of mashed potatoes, drizzle a little leftover gravy on it and shove the whole wide-load into your mouth, completely ignoring the little horrified voice begging you to stop, the one that sounds a lot like your mother and your grandmother.

It’s sublime. Food tastes better this way. It’s the best part of the meal. No one will know. No one will be in there with you. They’ll think you’re being helpful and noble and doing dishes and will avoid the kitchen like you’re brewing up plague in there.
Go back and get some more dishes. Eat off those serving spoons.

Eventually guilt will get some more people up from the table to help with the washing up and–here’s the genius of this plan–they’ll probably shoo you out since you’ve been, “all alone working so hard in there.”

And then you can go have first crack at the box of See’s and eat up all the molasses chips before your sister can get to them.

Heh heh.

Remember, ’tis the season to be jolly!

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Click here to enter in the grand prize (the fully loaded Nook). Who all is ON the nook? Here’s the full list:


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Blood of the Maple – Dana Marie Bell

Cry Wolf – Angela Campbell

Dearly Departed – Lia Habel

Entanglements – PR Mason

Eris – D. Renee Bagby

Golden – Joely Sue Burkhart

Grey’s Lady – Natasha Blackthorne

Her Dark Knight – Sharon Cullen

Hunting Kat – PJ Schnyder

Knight of Runes – Ruth A. Casie

Leading Her To Heaven – Kayleigh Jamison

Love on Cloud Nine – Linda Andrews

Lust on the Rocks – Dianne Venetta

Men of the Sea Anthology – Eliza Knight

Murdering Eve – Kelly Lee

Redaction – Linda Andrews

Relearning the Ropes – DC Juris

Risking Trust – Adrienne Giordano

Shadows & Dust – Yvonne Nicolas

Sloane Wolf – Margay Leah Justice

Snowy Encounters – Clarissa Yip

Soul Catcher – Vivi Dumas

The Alchemist’s Perfect Instrument – AL Davroe

The Demon He Knows – RA Vaughn

The Fallen Queen – Jane Kindred

The Knife’s Edge – Stephanie Draven

Underdead – Liz Jasper

What Not To Fear – Robert C. Roman

White Hot Christmas: Santa’s Claws – Stephanie Burke

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Whew–I need some eggnog! Happy Holidays! –Liz

32 responses to “7 Day Mistletoe Blog Hop Blog and Giveaway

  1. LOL, I am all for the relaxation. Actually I have figured out that if I make most of the food the day/nite before such as the turkey or ham, the pies, that come time to get ready to eat – all I have to do is make the stuffing and some other side dishes like country style greenbeans or yams. I dont have to worry about the meat because all I have to do is warm it up. My daughters also help out with the cooking, we actually gather together the night before and do the pies. Always so much fun.

    Everyone pitches in with the clean up so its not that bad and we have a very competive family so if we get eveything cleaned up we have more time to visit with each other and play some cards such as Spades.

    Merry Christmas
    Ronda Tutt

    • Rhonda, thanks for posting this wonderful reminder of what a meal on Christmas is supposed to be like. Just this morning I had a delusion of going back to my old major-effort meal and this helped me get over that ridiculousness. Thank you! : ) Merry Christmas!

  2. Is this the same philosphy where the sweetest part of making a cake is getting the finger in to clean the mixing bowl? Hope so as I have a lot of fond memories doing that. LOL

  3. Let me tell you about relaxation! Tomorrow I will mail all the gifts and by Wednesday, the day before we drive home for a week, I will be at the spa relaxing as someone makes my feet and hands look pretty!!!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  4. Thanks for participating in the hop. You sound a little like me. I would come from from my parents after a holiday meal with some ham and I’d usually open it immediately and eat it by the sink.


  5. Thank you for the excellent giveaway. I hope you have a joyous and safe holiday season. I’m all ready, I’ve even got everything wrapped. Now I can just sit back and relax.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  6. Thanks for this great giveaway! And I really loved your post, it made me laugh. I can just imagine what my husband’s family would think of that. haha! 🙂 But it is such a great plan!!


  7. Great post! Thanks for sharing! And thank you for the wonderful givaway! Happy holidays! 😉

  8. Great post, we could all use more relaxation tips I think, especially this time of year!!!
    meghan_L_P at hotmail dot com
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  9. Thank you all for participating in our blog hop! I really enjoyed your comments as I sat in the kitchen eating off serving spoons.

    The winner of my blog’s prize in the blog hop, by random number generator, is

    Traci Goodwin!

    Yay Traci!

    Happy New Years to you all!

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