Jo at home

This week I’m composing a brilliant (yes, sarcasm is part of Bad Limerick Wednesday) verse about Jo.

There once was a Milky way
That on Jo Gartner’s shirt went astray
It didn’t stay new
But melted into goo
And she…ate it anyway

If you’ve read the Underdead books, you’ll know that I’ve captured Jo at home in her sweats when no one is around.

Be honest, you’d eat it too. Surely you’ve eaten something off your shirt before?

And yes, I realize I seem to be unclear on the concept of Limerick Wednesday, seeing as it is Tuesday. Not to worry–I feel a few Thursday postings in my future. It will allll average out.

Bad Limerick Wednesday

I’m getting back to writing Underdead #3 and what better way to limber up the writing muscles than…bad limericks?

I’m posting the first Wedneday Limerick on Tuesday as it clearly is in the spirit of limericks to do so.

There once was a common code
That got right up Liz Jasper’s node
she dripped and sneezed
And snorted and wheezed
But the damned thing would not gode!