Underdead with a Vengeance ebook is available now at Amazon!

If you don’t want to read my blog and want to read the book, you can get it here.

Some people already swooped in (seriously, I was in full stealth–how did they find out???) within minutes of it going live and bought it which was great except I was (brilliantly) finding and (ditto) fixing a weird bug in that randomly make some letters in chapter headings smaller case. (If you you got a funky copy before I found out and fixed it–and don’t want to be one of the few with the “interesting” chapter headings please email me and I’ll make it right for you.)

Woohoo! I am doing a rolling launch, which means that the print book will be available soon from the usual sources (Amazon, B&N) and the ebook will soon be available at more places (itunes, B&N, etc.) I will update as they become available.

And I am celebrating by eating chocolate chips straight from the bag! (Don’t knock it.)

Here is the back cover blurb:

Science teacher Jo Gartner staked the dangerously attractive vampire who turned her almost undead, and his minions haven’t come after her for revenge.

Why not?

Who cares. She has everything under control.

Except she’s not sure Will is really dead dead.

And Detective Gavin Raines, her vampire-hunting crush, has popped back in her life to investigate an odd string of murders…and maybe finally ask her out on a real date.

At least her her teaching job is straightforward. Or rather it was before the world’s most perfect teacher joins the staff and seems to be noticing that her vampire traits are, well, a lot more apparent than she’d like them to be.

Caught between two worlds and fitting into neither, Jo must risk it all to take her own path–before the next person dead is her.

Not undead, merely…underdead


Crimson In The VERY Wrong Fairy Tale SNEAK PEAK!

Crimson in the VERY Wrong Fairy Tale

… coming in August 2012!

Read the Sneak Peak of Crimson!

Crimson has a strategy for surviving high school. Blend in. Don’t cause trouble.  It works pretty well–until her sixteenth birthday when her long-lost father shows up and all hell breaks loose.


It turns out that he is a demon king, which makes Crimson…a princess. Of Darkness.

 Her castle is a sulfur-reeking cavern underground. Her Princess Training has nothing to do with tea and crumpets. Prince Charming isn’t rushing in to save her. And, to top it off, she still has to go to high school.

 She can’t tell anyone the truth, not even her best friends. To survive, she will have to risk everything and use a cunning she didn’t know she possessed. And even then there’s no guarantee she or anyone she cares about will be alive tomorrow–for neither Hell nor high school comes with a manual.