Fun at the YWCA 20th Annual Festival of Women’s authors



Yesterday I had a great time speaking (I spoke first and as usual got in two hours of info in my 45 minutes of rapid fire talking on the podium–and that includes all the time we spent laughing–SUCH a wonderful group of readers) and signing books at the Y fundraiser.

As part of the event, I spent the day with three wonderful authors and now that I know them and their work better, I am eager to share with you all some great writers that might be new to you:

Patricia Bracewell, author of the critically acclaimed historical fiction Shadow on the Crown–very funny speaker, her work makes history come alive and, yes, even has a ghost in it
(Picture below of Pat and me tired and laughing the end of the day)

Kelly Corrigan, NYT bestselling author of Lift and The Middle Place–get the audio versions when she does the reading, hilarious and real

Anjuelle Floyd, a readerโ€™s favorite, author of The House and Keeper of Secrets–a true artist, her work finds your emotional core



13 responses to “Fun at the YWCA 20th Annual Festival of Women’s authors

  1. I wish like anything I could have been there. You look great behind the podium and I LOVE that shot of you signing, with the sun shining on you. Lovely — just like you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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