Hmmm…this followed me to work today


It’s the Final Edits Week Vampire Bat.


Final edits are almost done. Final draft of Underdead with a Vengeance is off to the proofreading editor this weekend.

And maybe I’ll take a moment to figure out what in the world IOS 7 did to WordPress. 😦

4 responses to “Hmmm…this followed me to work today

    • It’s the app for WordPress that is wacky. It uploaded just fine but doesn’t let me do things like italicize a book title. (So far as I was able to figure out in the ten minutes I had to devote to it.) And while my editor might make a (good) case that my punctuation skills are not perfect, I do feel guilt about not punctuating the basics.

  1. Oh my Liz, I’ve heard horrible things about IOS 7, and just haven’t upgraded to it. I hope you get that fixed soon. 🙂 And i’m glad that you have Underdead with a Vengeance finished, i’m sure it’s great!

    • Hi Chelsey,

      I’m getting used to IOS 7–I can almost type normally on my phone, despite letter with zip depth perception. (Whoever thought THAT was a good idea should be subject to this:

      I had to change to IOS 7 so that I could do final edits–the new Pages software allows track changes to work. That was a worthwhile upgrade for sure. But my comment on the above still stands!

      I hope you enjoy UWAV. (I’m trying that out and I think will NEVER use that acronym for my book title again. Well, publically. I’m too lazy to type out the full name behind the scenes.)


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