I haven’t died but I might be turning into a dwarf

Sneezy, to be specific. I refuse to consider that I am suddenly succumbing to seasonal allergies so turning into a dwarf is the only logical explanation for my sudden onset tissue needs.

Other than that very exciting update, the fun news here is that I’m hard at work writing the third book in the Underdead series. Woo hoo!

13 responses to “I haven’t died but I might be turning into a dwarf

  1. The news about a new Underdead book is wonderful!!! The sneezing, not so much 🙂 I’ve been waiting so patiently for the third installment… Thank YOU!!!!

    • Hi Jude,

      Thank you so much for the enthusiasm about the third book and for the well wishes. If I could I’d sneeze out the next book I’d be done right now, but, oddly, it doesn’t seem to work that way. And I suppose that would be gross, but my gross threshold has changed over the past 24 hours. As it does when one is bonding with the tissue box.

      🙂 –Sneezy Jasper

  2. I liked this post because you’re hard at work on Underdead 3. Yay.

    Bless you and here’s a tissue.

    Signed — Ginger, AKA- Sniffly Dwarf

    • Thanks Ging. And thanks for the tissue. I’m running out of the good ones. (Kleenex with lotion, IMNO (In my nose’s opinion.))

      Interesting subset of Sneezy Dwarf.


      😉 Sneezy

      • Oh no no no … kleenex not good! It’s GOT to be Puffs Plus with lotion. Trust me on this.

        Rednosed, sniffly, itchy-face dwarf

      • Ginger, we have to part ways on the tissue issue. I’m a Kleenex with lotion fan. Puffs feels like sandpaper to me.
        –sneezy coughy, the dwarf of allergens

    • Hey Susan,
      I’m sorry you are in the sniffle boat here, too. Don’t know about you, but I am ready to get off! Lol. Thanks for the writing encouragement! :)) It’s fun to be back deep into the book.

      • I live in the Sacramento Valley, allergy capitol of the world. I’m locked inside, avoiding pollen, & working on my quilts. Waiting with baited breath for your next book. Wish I could send you a case of tissues, but I need them myself. Keep up the goodwork!

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