Boy is THIS fun.

I’m in the process of transferring my website from Yahoo! over here. That sentence should read, “Hey, I’ve moved my website. It took thirty seconds. So now I have all this time to upload book samples for you to read, because I’m re-releasing my Underdead books this month. Enjoy the previews!” At least that’s what I strongly believe I should be typing here. But no, despite having a fine mind (not mine, thank God, or I wouldn’t even have this bit available) on the job of helping me move it, it resists being moved. It is evil. It’s like something out of my books infected my wordpress blogs. It’s lurking in the background cackling. (On the plus side, having evil cackling things hanging around on my writing sites bodes for my next book, assuming, of course, I ever get to write the darned thing. Right now I’m too busy calling Yahoo! tech support– and then bugging the Fine Mind for another round of pity help.)

On the plus side, my website no longer points to the crappy site that sitebuilder stopped supporting. Turns out that when you opened my old website with any browser other than Explorer, half the images were missing and a third of the verbiage. Nice. It was just random phrases and occasional pictures floating on a naked background. Which sounds far more exciting than it was. In truth it was just crappy and embarrasing, the inside of a casino in daylight.

Right. So this is my first blog on the new site that someday will be what people are directed to when they look for In the meantime, just we evil gremlins and cranky writers here, waiting for brilliance to strike at yahoo’s nameservers.


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