Underdead mysteries

20131119-203148.jpg   Not undead, merely…UNDERDEAD

Everyone knows vampires don’t really exist, not in real life.  Young science teacher Jo Gartner knows that as well as anyone. She doesn’t care about vampires, zombies, or ghosts. (Thought if any of them wanted to help her grade labs and tests so that she could maybe have time to do any of those thing she thought she’d be doing after college–hanging out with friends at coffee shops,  lazing on the beach, dating–she’d happily believe in Dracula himself.) Not that she’s wasting time thinking about paranormal nonsense. She’s too busy trying not to get fired from her first job–teaching Earth Science to little monsters eighth graders at a ritzy private school in Long Beach, California. (Seriously, the beach is right there! And she is never on it!) 

And then she does meet a gorgeous man. At a club (just like in the movies!). And he is smart. And witty. And did she mention knee-melting gorgeous? And then he kisses her. And…that’s when everything goes wrong. 

What if vampires really did exist? And you were slowly turning into one.  Whom would you tell? Would anyone believe you or would they lock you away? This IS real life–vampires don’t really exist. Remember? And what if one of your teacher friends was killed. And the police start asking questions. And a lot of people want you dead. What do you do?

Grab all three books and a bag of chocolate (Jo eats a lot of it so you will certainly want some too.) And maybe whip up a batch of her stress-relieving triple chocolate chip cookies. And find out. If you like to giggle on the couch with mysteries with a bit of romance, the UNDERDEAD books are for you. 

There are currently three UNDERDEAD mysteries and there will be several more. I’m fussy about reading books (and watching TV series) in order, and I do recommend reading the UNDERDEAD mysteries in order so you know ALL of what is going on. Just more fun that way, I think.   UNDERDEAD won the EPPIE AWARD for Best Mystery and is an Amazon best seller. UNDERDEAD IN DENIAL is the sequel and made a bunch of top ten lists, too. UNDERDEAD WITH A VENGEANCE is the newest release (and I think the best in the series so far).

The first two book in the series were originally published by a mainstream division of a large publisher, but I got the rights back and now all of  my books are published by me.  You can buy all three of the UNDERDEAD mysteries in trade paperback and eBook.

And, yes, I’m working on the fourth book in the series. (Evil grin.) Which is why chocolate futures remain high–constant demand (yes, one of my degrees is a Masters in Economics, and now I apply it rigorously to important things like chocolate consumption).  Scroll down for book blurbs, sample chapters and reviews!


Underdead cover by Robert McAndrews
Underdead In Denial and Underdead with a Vengeance covers by Kimberly Van Meter
The lovely cover model on the first two covers is Ida Mary Walker, aka mizzd-stock

Click here to read the first 2 chapters of UNDERDEAD!

Click here to read the first chapter of UNDERDEAD IN DENIAL!

(Don’t click here for Underdead with a Vengeance chapters because Liz hasn’t added those yet.)


Newbie science teacher Jo Gartner thinks her life has reached an all time low when she realizes the biggest excitement of her year is the staff Christmas party.

Then she gets bitten by a vampire.

Sort of.

And then she’s a murder suspect.

The police are at her door, the Undead are at her windows, and her vampire traits are growing harder to hide by the minute.

If she doesn’t figure out who to trust she won’t be alive long enough to worry about all those papers she still has to grade.

More reviews for Underdead:

“UNDERDEAD is certainly not your typical vampire story, it’s better… I guarantee UNDERDEAD will have you laughing out loud, while keeping you in suspense right up until the end.” ~~ Two Lips Reviews

 “Light-hearted mystery with a touch of the paranormal and a hint of romance is a recipe for a just about perfect read.”~~ HuntressReviews 

“UNDERDEAD had me grinning from the first line! Off-beat, charming, irreverent and so much fun to read I couldn’t put it down. Liz Jasper is going to go far as a writer and I for one am along for the ride.” ~~ Mary Buckham, award-winning author

 “Kept me on the edge of my seat anxious to find out more. I was thoroughly engaged from beginning to end. This is a great story to curl up with on a rainy day.”~~Coffeetime Romance


Eighth grade science teacher Jo Gartner is back after a deceptively quiet summer.

No Vampires.

No Cops.

No murder investigation.

Apart from the hormonal teens she has to deal with everyday and her sensitivity to sunlight everything seems, well, almost normal.

She probably shouldn’t have volunteered to help the hot new teacher on campus with his Haunted House fundraiser.

Because that’s just asking for the real vampires to show up…

And the next thing she knows there’s a dead body.

And the cops are back.

And Jo is forced to decide which side she’s on, once and for all.

More reviews for Underdead In Denial:

5 Angels! “Very Funny” ~~ Fallen Angel Reviews

“I will be keeping my eyes open for more from Ms. Jasper.” ~~Bitten by Books

“Jo is one of those comfort characters.  You know the ones you can’t wait to revisit, the ones that leave you smiling and nodding as you race through their newest adventure….Another favorite and keeper.”~~Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine


Science teacher Jo Gartner staked the dangerously attractive vampire who turned her almost undead, and his minions haven’t come after her for revenge.

Why not?

Who cares. She has everything under control.

Except she’s not sure Will is really dead dead.

And Detective Gavin Raines, her vampire-hunting crush, has popped back in her life to investigate an odd string of murders…and maybe finally ask her out on a real date.

At least her her teaching job is straightforward. Or rather it was before the world’s most perfect teacher joins the staff and seems to be noticing that her vampire traits are, well, a lot more apparent than she’d like them to be.

Caught between two worlds and fitting into neither, Jo must risk it all to take her own path–before the next person dead is her.

91 responses to “Underdead mysteries

  1. Hello, my name is Tara, how r u? Just wondering where I can purshase ur books of the undead? They seem very interesting, I’m a book nerd. Can I buy them @ chapter or indgo? Or its just online like Amazon? I always talk about the books I’m reading on my tweeter/facebook. If u don’t mind gettin back to me, that would b great. I can’t wait to start reading the undead. Thanxs u

  2. I just read both books. I loved them. Jo’s a great character that readers can relate to. She’s a bit sassy, insecure, and funny, and sometimes naive. Roger makes you want to wring his neck. I can’t wait for the next one. I hope you are feeling better. I was sick for the holiday’s myself.

    • Hi Tia,

      It is so great of you to tell me this! I’m sorry for my slooooow response. I responded in my head last week. Did you get that message? LOL. I’m glad you enjoyed the books and in particular that you “got” Jo. 🙂 The cold that went around over the holidays was a doozy (really wanted to use that word). Oddly long recovery but I am FINALLY past this cold’s ridiculously long stage of needing to carry the good tissues with me everywhere. Hope you are long since over all of it.

      🙂 Liz

  3. Just got done reading both books love them can not wait to read the next one. keep up the good work. Can not wait to see what is a head for Jo.

    • Hi Michelle, I thought I replied to this but the lack of posting suggests I thought WRONG. 😉 Anyway, however belatedly this is, thank you for stopping by to leave the nice note. On the plus side, it has made my day again! Hold on. My inner grandmother’s voice just chided me for finding an upside to being tardy with a thank you. Oh dear. Yikes there she is again. At least I HOPE that’s what’s going on. The alternative is that “Oh dear” is now a go-to part of my regular vocabulary. Must go now and proactively swear a bunch to right the world here.

  4. Dear Liz,

    I just finished both books, and I’m very happy to read that you’re working on number 3. Thank you for a great series. I’ll be coming back here to check on book new!


    • Catherine, thank you for taking the time to swing by and leave me such a nice note. You have inspired me to get off my keister (a little) and actually post on my blog. The dislodged cat is a little unhappy about this development but I appreciate the motivation. 🙂

  5. Are you really working on another one, because you can’t just leave it like that! I saw that the books had been re-released? Please tell me the muse isn’t gone

    • Sher, perish the thought! I really AM working on the Underdead series; it’s just slow as life has intervened, as it sometimes does. (If I could sic a rabid team of vampires on the obstacles that have popped up, trust me, I would.) The first draft of the third book is done (and waiting in a drawer for fresh-brained editing) and the fourth book is plotted. Meanwhile, I’m readying the first book in the Crimson series, a fish-out-of-water series about a rather nice girl from Pasadena, CA who learns on her 16th b-day that she is a princess–of darkness.

      I plan to refocus on Underdead #3 later this summer, after my sister gets married. (Note that that is not one of the obstacles that needs vampire intervention. Pity the vampire who would try to interfere with MY sister’s wedding!!! However, if they would like to work on getting my maid of honor dress altered, you know, do something productive in their free time, that would be great.)

      In the meantime, I’ll let you in on something no one knows yet, the working titles of the next two Underdead books:




      They’re tentative only because I crack up every time I write the titles, which always worries me a bit. I get a wee bit twisted in my humor when I’ve been back in school for too long. Which is the case right now.

      Have a groovy weekend!


    • Thanks Amber!!! This put a smile on my face as I’m doing (what I hope is my) laaast edits to Crimson. Extra b-day cake for you for stopping by. Even if it’s no where near your b-day, not to worry. B-day cake is good for the inner woman. 😉

  6. Did someone say birthday cake?? I can eat it anytime, anywhere, anyplace! Mmmmmm..Lol! Jo’s cookies sound fabulous too!
    I just finished second book!!! Me want more! 😁 Loved them both! Looking forward to book three! Keep em coming!

    • Thanks Terrie! You and I are definitely on the same page on birthday cake and cookies. I’m going to have to repost Jo’s recipe for cookies. Okay, I’m making a pledge. This weekend, after my edits are done, I’m going to POST A BLOG with Jo’s cookie recipe (queue the upswell of music indicating shock and amazement). Your comment had an essence of Cookie Monster voice that cracked me up–thanks for that! 🙂

  7. Just reread the underdead books, because of the re-release. Enjoyed them just as much the second time around. Looking forward to the next book and the cookie recipes. Will look for the YA titles while waiting.

  8. I just finished both books this weekend and loved them! I can’t wait for #3. And I’m also going to try out Jo’s cookies….probably sooner rather than later! lol. Take care!

    • Thanks Beth! I just finished my final line edits to Crimson in the VERY Wrong Fairy Tale (in other words, I am v. tired of staring at a computer screen, reading my own writing for the millionth time) and this was great to get. I hope you have the cookies sooner rather than later. Something are just important that way. 😉

      • I’m looking forward to reading Crimson, so I’m glad to hear its coming soon. 🙂 And the ingredients for the cookies are on my shopping list, so they are definitely in my near future!

  9. Hi Liz
    My name is Mai. I am a huge fan of the Underdead series. I have read both book so many times that I lost count, I have visited your page many times of the chance that I might see the next underdead release date. I am afraid I am becoming a stalker please put me out my misery and tell when the third book is coming out.

    Thank you


    • Mai! I never thought I’d use “I have a (sorta) stalker” and “awesome!” in the same sentence, but here I am. I cracked up and was honored by your note at the same time. Thank you!

      So to answer your question, the third book in the Underdead series will not be out for a while longer. I’m hoping for a release in Winter 2013. Late Winter. Maybe Spring. Why? I need more”sitting on the couch with the cat, watching tv and eating cookies” time in my life.” I’m not doing that instead of editing Underdead Unhinged (working title of #3), mind; I’m just saying I’d like to for a bit. 🙂 In reality, other non-writing stuff is squatting in my writing time like a truculent hippo and I can’t shove it off as fast as I’d like. (If you’ve ever seen a truculent hippo you’ll know this to be true.)

      I will bait and switch now by letting you know that Crimson in the Very Wrong Fairy Tale is now out and you might get a kick out of it while you wait for the next Underdead installment.

      And, I will say that there will be two more books in the Underdead series at least and that book #3 will be published in 2013. If you’d like, I’d be happy to shoot you email you and let you know the scoop when I know the scoop. I *might* (and this is a big *might*–see above mentioned hippo) put out a little between the Underdeads story around the holidays.

      In the meantime, come back and visit anytime. I’ll set up a little fainting couch for you up in the corner so you can hang out and read as much as you want. 🙂


      p.s. I might steal some of this note to to put at the top of my Underdead page for others who are wondering about the next release. Again, see “hippo.”

      • Hi Liz
        Thank you so much. I cracked up and it was a great honor and pleasure reading your note. I love it :). Just before reading your note I had gotten a very bad news. I was feeling depressed and a bit melancholy and while reading your note brought a smile to my face for a moment I had forgotten my depressing news. Thank you. 🙂 I will mark my calender 213 late winter November,December:) and I am so exited the title Unhinged seems very promising. 🙂 I can’t imagine all the trouble Jo has gotten to her self. I understand life gets in the way and as someone who grew up having hippo in their back yard you have my sincere compassion.

        I am baited I will order Crimson while I wait for the next Installment of Underdead. Please do shoot me email on all the scoop. OMG ,OMG Liz if your were push off that truculent hippo it would be the best gift and I would forever be in your debt.

        If only all the stalker were as lucky as me. I must say you are a class act, others should fallow your example. LOL. Thank you Liz you are definitely one of my favorite Authors and I look forward to reading all the up coming books.


  10. Is there an expected or tentative release date for book 3? Bought the first 2 from Amazon and read them back to back. Loved them so much, I put aside Blood, Bath and Beyond by Michelle Rowen as well as Biting Cold by Chloe Neill. I had been counting down for their release date. I would like to add book 3 to the countdown!

    • Hi Franny,

      Thanks so much! I’m honored. Hold on. Woot! Sorry. Am back. Had to let that out. I just wrote a detailed response about the timing and then got your comment, so I’m going to repeat myself a bit here. I do not have a firm release date right now for Underdead Unhinged (working title of #3). It will be released in 2013 as non-writing stuff has taken over most of my writing time for a bit like a…okay, I’ve got nothing good. I think my truculent hippo reference in the above note is so perfect my simile well is empty.

      In the meantime, I’ve JUST released Crimson in the Very Wrong Fairy Tale and you might enjoy it while you wait for the next Underdead installment.

      There will be two more books in the Underdead series, at least. If you’d like, I’d be happy to email you when I have a firm pub date so can add it to your countdown. Let me know. 🙂 Liz


  11. Can’t wait for the next underdead book. Loved the first two. Want to see what Jo is going to do next. Couldn’t put the first two books down until I finished.

    • Hi Becky,

      Thanks for coming over and writing that note! I enjoyed reading it more than I like chocolate, which is saying something. Very awesome. Thanks!!!! 🙂 Liz

  12. Hi, Liz. Am finally using the Kindle my boss gave me a year ago. Don’t tell him that! Anyway, was looking for another author to love (and you fall into that catagory!) and stumbled onto the Underdead series. Downloaded your first novel and loved it so much I downloaded the second story the following day and had that read by the next afternoon. They are SO good – so funny, such great characters, so absorbing! Can’t wait for the other two and, hopefully, more than that to come. You have a LIFELONG fan!

    • Hi Jeri,
      Sorry for the delay–was on vacation with limited internet. But I want you to know this TOTALLY made my vacation start off on a great note. I really love that bit about finally using the Kindle after a year. That still has me giggling. Thank you! 🙂

  13. Hi liz
    I Hope you are enjoying your vacation. I was wondering if there any possible way you can post a snippet? just a little something hold me by.

    • Hi Mai, thank you for this. Put a big grin on my face. Nope, I’m going to have to persist in torturing you a whole longer. I’m hoping to get a Holiday snippet out but until the elephant stepping on my writing one goes away, I am making no promises. But sending cyber chocolate your way for sure. )

  14. Just finished the second book in the Underdead series and I must say that I was floored. I am glad I decided to take a chance with your books and will be adding the series to my must read immediately upon publication list:) Keep up the great work and can’t wait for number three.

    • Thanks Tobey! Sorry for the tardy reply. I have been trapped in a classroom for a week, 9+ hours a day, in test-prep boot camp. I know, you are jealous. Nevertheless, trust me when I say that your note made my week and then some. The only downside of this is that I am chomping at the bit more than ever to be done and able to finish up the next book. I have some things to take out on vampires. Heh heh heh. Sorry, digressed. 😉 Thank you for your note!

  15. Hey Liz…just love the Underdead series. I think Jo is such a realistic character and it is easy to relate to her. The story line is awesome too. I just cannot wait to see what happens next :). I read the second book in one night. I have been traveling in France (stuck here an extra two days due to hurricane Sandy). Keep up the great writing and hang in there with the kids 🙂 🙂

  16. Hey Shelly,
    Thank you so much for sending this! Especially when you are trapped due to Sandy. Sure, you’re trapped in France, but still. I sincerely hope you have been using that time to work your way through a very deep supply of French chocolate. 😉

    • Hi Susan,

      Awesome! Thanks for writing. Just the note to read as I gear up to plunge back into the third Underdead book after the new year holiday. I realize I am cackling as I type this, as I know what’s in store for Jo as the next book starts up.

      Happy happy New Year! 🙂 –Liz

  17. Hi,
    As a current middle school science teacher, I love your Underdead series! Found the series this morning on Amazon and I’ve already finished both books (when will the next one be out????). Only complaint is that even in private schools teachers have more than the 96 students that your character references, but the long hours and never ending grading easily demonstrates your familiarity with teaching.

    Looking forward to reading more,

    • Hi Deb,

      Happy New Year! I hope your grading is down to a trickle by now and that you can have some actual vacation. If not, put in a few solid hour and the Put The Red Pen Down!

      I hear you in the 96 students. I had to do a quick calc as it seems a ridiculously small number. The kids I know in school now are lucky to have a class under 25. And it felt like I taught hundreds. But it’s a real number. My classroom only seated 16 and I had classes as small as 9. Which was waaay too small. The classroom conversation lagged as, well, there were only 10 of us in there.

      I’m wondering thought if the classroom size is like rocks in the movies–they had to use fake ones as the real ones looked fake in camera. Maybe I’ll have to bump up the class size for it to be believable. Hmmmmm.

      I’ll be back writing the third Underdead book this month. I’ll keep everyone posted on when it will be out.

      Have a great rest of the school year! May the Easter chocolate be plentiful. 🙂 –Liz

  18. Now, after reading this blog, I REALLY can’t wait to get my kindle fixed, so that I can get Underdead in Denial, finish it in a few hours, get Crimson in the VERY Wrong Fairy Tale and finish it in another few hours (call me a book nerd), and then cyberstalk you until Underdead with a Vengence is released 😉

  19. Liz. I absolutely love the books. I found “Underdead” a couple of years ago and have been waiting on pins and needles (or fangs) for the next book……happy to also be able to get them on my Kindle!! Keep up the fantastic work.

    Loving Underdead in DC

    • Hi Shelly–thanks! This is so cool to hear. Better than pancakes, in fact (and I adore pancakes.)

      I hope you are having a fabulous start to the year. I can only assume you are because you are reading a lot and how can that not be a great way to spend January?

      I might have to steal your fang comment. Just so you know. 😉

  20. Happy New Year liz.
    It’s me again, still stalking you. “) I’m so glad you are working on Underdead. 🙂 I can’t wait to get my hands on it. What would make this year perfect would be a little snippet. I can even help you by throwing that elephant over cliff, it’s no problem it’s the least I could do. You just say the word it will be done. 🙂

    p.s I made those over break it was a great hit. Thanks Liz

    • Hey Mai, Happy New Year!

      Your email are such a hoot. Yes, I am back to writing the third Underdead book–hooray! I might release a short, in-between bit–depends on if I decide I want it in the book or not. And that will take some time (sorry!!!)

      I am SO glad the cookies turned out for you. Woot!

      🙂 Liz

  21. Love your books! I cant wait to read the next one. You need to get busy so we can keep reading.
    Are you only going to wrote one more or will you keep the series going? Love the story. Your devoted fan in

    • Hi Jeanette, greetings to you in Idaho! (Ok, it’s official. That phrase should only be used as “Greetings from Idaho” The other direction sounds lame. ;)) Greetings from California! (muuuch better.) Not to worry, I am going to write at least two more in the Underdead series for sure, and possibly many more.

      Ok, breakfast calls. Thank you for writing! Made my pancakes even better. 🙂

  22. I can understand why. I makes the hard work worth it! Take care of yourself & keep that testing up. If you need an assistant tester, let me know. HA

  23. Hi Liz
    I have finals, projects that are due and today is my bday. Yet all i can think of is the underdead series. I think I need therapy lol.

    • Mai! Happy birthday!!!!!!! Woohoo!!! I hope you are having a fabulous day! Go kick ass on your finals and projects. Jo is making quadruple chocolate chip cookies in your honor!
      And I am working on the third book. 🙂

      Happy birthday!!!!

  24. LIz! Thank you for my birthday wish and the quadruple chocolate chip cookies. I did have the best birthday day since I was a little girl, second I did well on my project and I’m hoping I did well on my finals. I can’t wait to get my hands on the third book. Thank you again.

    P.S. I’m sorry for the late reply. I really did enjoy your note it made my day.

    • Hi Sharon,
      That was a great note to get, particularly while I’m working on rewrites for the third book. (Rewrites! A step beyond draft!) Thanks for swinging by. 🙂

    • Deep in the folds of my brain. I’m working on #4. (Haha. I know what you meant and I can’t say when the fourth will be out. It’s great as I write to know that fans are eager for the next one.) Thanks!

      • 😀 lol, I recently (finally) was able to buy Underdead in Denial…. It was awesome!! Unfortunately, though, I couldn’t fid Underdead with a Vengance on the iBook store… -_- curse you apple!! Lol, and I also finally got to buy and read Crimson in the very wrong Fairy Tale… It was mind blowing Liz!!! I can’t wait for more!!!! Keep your awesome writing up!!

      • Chelsea, thank you! I’m grinning and cracking up which is saying something as I’m otherwise stuck on a train. I’m so glad you like the books and I can’t believe iTunes doesn’t have it up yet. Any day now. Seriously!

  25. I’m glad i can entertain you Liz ^_^. I can’t wait! Lol, I’ll have to ask my parents for iTunes cards for presents from now on, and I’ll be on te look out for Underdead with a Vengance! Anyways, it’s late and I haw shook in the morning so I’ll catch ya later!!

  26. Argh. I finished the underdead with a Vengence… and now …more questions than I can shake a stick at ak. Cliff Hanger!! Will vs Mr. Hunky Detective…who is getting his heart broken… (again) by Jo and her “condition” and poor Jo…so very confused… and so very many questions.


    Yes, why would *another* vampire be interested in one that’s *turning* into one? Must have happened before, lots, so everyone should know this kind of stuff (well all vampires that is…). And just what else IS going on?? And, why Josephine?? And what’s up with Aunt Bertha….and Pieces are moving??!!!

    That’s just … unkind to us readers! Anyway – any news on when we might see the Undead and Unhinged (book 4 tentative title)? I’m desperate. 🙂

    • Hi Nicole,
      Oh, you know I can’t answer those things. Spoilers! I’m glad you liked book three and it’s fascinating to hear what questions are plaguing you. (Evil laugh). (Kidding) I’ll announce updates as I have them. Am deep into plotting…(heh heh heh)

  27. I just finished book three and I absolutely loved it. I read it in one sitting and can’t wait for the next one. I’m going to read crimson next. Laundry can definitely wait. Thanks so much for such entertaining books.

    • Hi Jenny,

      Thank you! I’m so glad you like the books and I’m especially glad to hear you are blowing off vacuuming to read CRIMSON. That is cracking me up AND supporting my own decision to not vacuum. In fact, just to support you I’m not going to dust, either. ! 🙂 liz

  28. I have soaked up every book you have published so far and want MORE! I support your stand on No Housework, but please consider writing. Your fans are waiting. Love YA

  29. I just finished rereading the first two and found the third Underdead book on Amazon and finished it. Just wanted to say I love it and can’t wait for more. 🙂 Haven’t read Crimson yet but it looks just as good and is on my to be read list. 🙂

    • Hi Tabitha,

      Thanks! (My best friend in the second grade was named Tabitha and so I know, by your name alone, that you are a good judge of what is fun.) Thank you for stopping by, especially as I am at a subway station listening to someone blow a loud wavering tune (if one is lax in the definition of music) on a recorder or a flute (hard to tell with the accoustics) and so this really has made my day. Thank you! 🙂 Liz

  30. I really enjoyed the three underdead books! When will number four be released? Chocolate and cakes are not enough enymore😉

    • First part, awesome and thanks. Second part, what?!? Cath, don’t say that. Haha. (And try chips and donuts. Part of the magical world of good junk food.) Number four is going to be a while. (Perhaps this is why I know so much about the world of junk food.)

    • Hi Terese, hah! No, that’s not too abrupt. I’m in an airport right now at dawn and it made me laugh. Thanks. I’ve been on sabattical (I really hope this auto-corrects because it is too early for the mental spell-check to be functioning)to spend time with family (and to enjoy reading my way through the library guilt-free). I’m starting to get itchy to get back to writing the 4th Underdead book. Which is a great feeling. (I’ve had coffee now. Is this too long?)–Liz

  31. Looking forward to your next book. I have enjoyed them all. Unfortunately, I inhale them so much faster than you can write them. I will be patient, however . Hope you have enjoyed your sabbatical.

    • Hi Susan,
      If I wrote as fast as I read I’d be finishing three books a day. Easy. Well, if I were fully indulging my reading habit. (Happy sigh thinking about that.) Might cut into my chip-eating time, though.
      “Inhaling” is one of the nicest compliments to get. Thank you!

      • Chocolate with sea salt, brownies, donuts, milk chocolate and cookies, and I still crave book number four!!😀

  32. My email has only just now decided to tell me that there have been comments on here from last year.-. Maybe I should check my email more often? Anyways since I was reminded of your awesomness, how are you? I’d like to just be a mean fan and demand the fourth book from you cause I really want it but I have some very late library books checked out and I start school again soon(goodbye reading 😦 ) I hope your summer has been positively delightful and I wish you luck in life, indulging your reading habit, and writing! 🙂

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